a prologue about mimi

i have a new cat. i call her mimi. because she kinda sounds like a three weeks old instead of the eight months old that she is.

she’s adorable. but she’s kinda that people pleaser cat that she hides her fears and insecurities. well it sounds so anthromorph… anthrophos… okay, i kinda forget the term but… it’s just… after a few days, she kinda shows that sometimes she’s scared too and that kinda makes me a little bit happy. because it means she trusts us even a little, right?

but the most happy feeling is just… when she’s sleeping and i get close and she opens her eyes because cat senses obvs and she’s just looking at me sleepily as if saying ‘oh, it’s just you,’ and goes back to sleep… aaaaaaa

gosh, i really love cats.

well, she’s no grizzly, but i think she’ll do.

and maybe i’d finally move on. that being alone and remembering grizzly will give me happy feeling because i was blessed with his fleeting existence instead of the grief of having to let him go.


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