there are so many things in life that i don’t know about. it’s either because no one cares enough to tell me or because i don’t care enough to find out on my own. (or rarely, like one in a billion rare, it’s because i care enough to keep myself not in the know because i’m afraid that the knowledge might figuratively kill me)
2016.02.21 – 01:52

the human that kaoru is:

INTP – melancholic – true neutral (with chaotic thoughts) – still stuck in her 16 yo mentality – loves to imitate sloth/koala in their love of sleeping/moving slowly

can understand:

english – bahasa indonesia – basa jawa – nihon go dikit – ngambil kelas deutsch di duolingo tapi angin anginan
(note that i mean them passively. i don’t know how to speak human to another human being.)