all time low – take cover (hearing all time low's songs always makes me happy. i'm forever thankful they exist.) lirik: This is a cry out To the ones in the gutter To the sorry unfaithful We lonely few We band of others We stand apart In a trial by fire We'll make it through There is hope for us … Continue reading all time low – take cover


sum 41 – fake my own death (awalnya saya kira saya nge-save video yang eror atau gimana, sampe akhirnya saya sadar kalo sekarang sum 41 adalah bagian dari hopeless dan adalah sangat wajar bagi hopeless untuk bikin video kayak gini. seriously, tapi ini feel nya nostalgic banget.) lirik: all bets are off but you still think that you've gotta a right … Continue reading sum 41 – fake my own death

sum 41 – a murder of crows (you’re all dead to me)

all these 13 voices are driving me crazy. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (kemudian isi album nya cuma sepuluh dan yang empat bonus track dan saya nggak tau ini 13 voices reference ke apa... saya merasa fail.) lirik: take me away take me away take me away i'm getting sick of hypocrites saying nothing got a feeling that i … Continue reading sum 41 – a murder of crows (you’re all dead to me)